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Electronics Technology Program

Plug in to Electronics, here's your chance to be an...

  • Electronics Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Micro-electronics Technician

Build a variety of projects that will teach the fundamentals of the Electronics Industry. Use high tech equipment and components, from resistors to IC chips and learn electron theory, semiconductors, amplifier systems, digital systems, microprocessors & robotics. Create projects that reinforce the principles, processes, applications, and skills needed by today’s high tech work force

Robotics Engineering provides an exciting opportunity; work with a variety of robot platforms and create electronic control systems for motion control, sensory inputs and microprocessors to embed artificial intelligence.


  • Intro: Electronics Technology
  • Exploring Electronics
  • Electronics Technology 1
  • Electronics Technology 2
  • Electronics Technology 3

Below is an interactive 360-degree tour featuring Sabin-Schellenberg's Electronics Technology program. Click on the "hot-spots" to learn about this program.