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Education Program

Interested In:

  • Education
  • Child & Family Services
  • Social Work
  • Early Child Development
  • Community Services

Education students gain direct experience with observation of children in home and school environments. 

As students observe and teach preschool age children at the Early Learning Center, (the program's in-house preschool), they explore career opportunities and study child development, guidance and learning. 

The Education program gives students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of teaching and other family and child professions through community contacts and placements in community sites.

Below is an interactive 360-degree tour featuring Sabin-Schellenberg's Education program. Click on the "hot-spots" to learn about this program.


  • Survey of Children, Youth & Families
  • Working with Children & Youth
  • Child & Family Services Practicum
  • Elementary Education Practicum
  • Middle & High School Practicum
  • Ed. Intern: Child & Family Services
  • Ed. Intern: Elementary School
  • Ed. Intern: Middle/High School

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