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Building Construction Program

Have you ever wanted to be a...

  • Contractor
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber/Pipefitter
  • Cement Mason

Explore careers in the construction industry.

Students in the Building Construction program learn the connection between geometry and construction, complete safety testing, and work together as a crew as they expand their carpentry skills in a hands-on learning environment. Building Construction students explore residential construction processes as they build floors, walls, roofs, and learn basic electrical and plumbing.  

Building Construction program students participate in projects involving mentors from the industry.


  • Geometry in Construction
  • Building Construction 1
  • Building Construction 2
  • Building Construction 3
  • Building Construction 4

Below is an interactive 360-degree tour featuring Sabin-Schellenberg's Building Construction program. Click on the "hot-spots" to learn about this program.